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A Message from NANN

NANNcast, NANN’s official podcast, is working to reach out to listeners with the hope of people sharing their messages of hope, strength, and positivity during the current healthcare crisis. NANNcast has set up a voicemail box, where nurses from all over can call and share a 1 – 2 minute message, which will be used in an upcoming NANNcast episode. Voicemails can share a story of a nurse in your unit going above and beyond in their work, a mantra you use to get through these challenging times, or anything uplifting. Voicemails should not include any patient information or institution names, but can include your name and what state/city you are from.

We want to encourage all of you to leave a voicemail! Spread the word to your fellow nursing friends and unit too.
Voicemails can be left at 847-701-4313.

If you have any questions about the project, contact Madison Fortman
(mfortman@nann.org, 847.375.4899). Thank you all for the help and support!

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